Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

Since I knew any nice weather was a reprieve to be appreciated, I went out to do just that. Here’s what I came home with:

Mt. Baker & Cantilever Point

I went out to the Labs in the late afternoon to pick Amoeba up. He wasn’t quite ready to wrap up his experiment and asked me to return in an hour.  Instead I went to my car and got my camera.   The mountain was basking in the sun and since I knew she would soon shroud herself in clouds for the winter, I took advantage of the time and captured her portrait.   I absolutely love the way the sun rays slanted across Cantilever point at an almost 95° angle.  It’s pretty flattering on the mountain, too!   (Most of the equipment you see on Cantilever Point is weather measurement paraphernalia.)

Just before Sunset

Just a half an hour later I captured the evening ferry entering the harbor.  It is still bright enough that her interior lights aren’t blazing yet.

FH last raysHere the ferry, almost completely across the harbor, approaches the dock.  I was facing east when I took the photograph up above.  Here I am facing southeast and you can see the suns rays still reach the town of Friday Harbor even though the Lab grounds are in shadow.

Last Light

Here I am still facing southeast, but I have pulled my focus back to include the shadowy foreground.  I thought this tree deserved a portrait.  I took over 50 pics in the hour. These are the best of the bunch.  Don’t forget to double click & biggie them!

Sensational Haiku Wednesday & A Muffed Target

Muffed Target #6

Thom has taken over Gattina’s meme invention, Muffed Target Photo Meme.  The idea is to share our photos that didn’t turn out. Come on, you know we all have them!  You share yours and I’ll share mine!

This one’s a doozy!

I have no idea what got into my camera. I had it set on autofocus, I depressed the shutter half way, composed the shot, and must have let my finger up off the button just before I pressed the shutter because it refocused!

I generally shoot critters on autofocus because the camera can think faster than I can, however after the first shot, I thought maybe I could do better. This is manual focus. At least this one got the subject, but I would have rather had the cabbage moth in focus then the flower.

Better, but not perfect. The composition is off just a bit and I could have done with better focus on the moth and less on the flower.


Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Jenn from, You Know … that blog?,
hosts Sensational Haiku Wednesday.
This week’s theme is:

Join the fun!


Yawn. Stretch. Roll over.
Open one eye. Peer at clock.
Yawn. Stretch. Roll over.

When Buying Isn’t An Option

Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S VR

Heavy sigh. This is the camera lens of my dreams.  I would love this to be my everyday, all purpose lens.  Since it’s average starting price is right around $1000.00 dollars, chances are slim that it will ever be mine.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t ever use one.

Hawaii Camera of Honolulu rents camera and camera equipment. I can rent that little baby above and use it to my heart’s content. If I ever want another long lens I am likely going to have to rent it. The one Amoeba bought me last year died a very painful death when it encountered a heavy, swinging door.

Amoeba is taking me to Hawaii in July. He has a business trip to The Big Island. I am certain I’ll want a long lens for the trip, and I am just as certain I won’t have saved enough pennies to buy one, but I can easily save enough pennies to rent.

Hawaii Camera has everything anyone could ever want or need in the way of camera supplies — both Nikon and Canon — plus lighting equipment and assorted accessories from memory cards to tripods. One can rent video equipment and accessories, waterproof camera housings (for snorkeling), and even work station equipment from Hawaii Camera. Their inventory is mind boggling.

To help better serve their customers, Hawaii Camera has opened Maui Camera for the convenience of Maui visitors. If you are visiting any other island, Hawaii Camera will ship the rental equipment to your residence or hotel. Please be certain to read the instructions for that service.

So, to ensure I have the lens for our entire stay, I could order it and have it awaiting our arrival. The lens that just died was an 55-100mm — this one would provide me with even more incredible close ups. Hurry up, July!

Hold That Sunrise

He and She looked over the balcony at the eastern sky, one not-quite-starry night, and gazed at the light that brightened the sky over the nearby city of Anacortes. The skyshine was brighter than usual, and they wondered if there was something going on in the city.

The next morning, He went to the window of their apartment and looked at the same patch of sky. Which was ablaze.

He: Hon, come look. Anacortes is really in trouble now.

She: Wow. Where’s my camera?

She dashed out in her stocking feet, took one shot and then:

She: I’ve got the wrong lens. Hold that sunrise while I get the right one.

He: Hold that what …?

But She was already vanished into the spare bedroom where she kept her camera supplies. Moments later, She was back on the balcony, happily snapping. When She came back into the apartment, She was beaming, her pictures on file.

She: Thank you, honey!

He: Perhaps we should talk about your overstated view of my abilities.

Looking toward Anacortes from Cantilever Point on San Juan Island

She: But I knew you could do it! And you did!

He: Right. If I’m going to be dewing things, I’d better work on my ability to make water.

She: Love, I’ve heard you when you go to the …

He: Hold it right there …!

Photo Contest

I’ve entered one of my photos in a contest at Two 4 Tuesday.  The name of the contest is Hard – Soft, and my photo — which I took, titled and posted before the contest was announced, is here: Hard-n-Soft.  Would you pop on over to the contest website, give a look around and vote for your favorite photo?

Note, I did not ask you to vote for me, vote your conscience.  I happen to think I have one of the better photos on the site, but that could just be my ego!  There is also at least one there much better than mine.  If you vote for it I won’t be offended.