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The Short-Cut

I heard the delivery truck pull away and went to the front door to collect my Avon order.  When I opened the door, Diablo, the neighbor’s black cat, ran out from under a car at the curb and jumped on top of my boxes. I greeted him in surprise.  Unlike our fluffy, orange “Rent-A-Kitty“, Diablo usually isn’t socially minded.  I was even more surprised when he let me pet him and scratch under his chin.  I said, “What’s gotten into you?”  That’s when he leapt from the box into my house, shot between my legs and across the living room.  I thought, “Oh great,now I’ll have to chase him through the house and under the beds.”  I followed him.  He was sitting at the kitchen door waiting to be put out on the back deck.  The neighborhood cats have taken to sleeping out there on the chair cushions.   Since it is pouring rain outside, the quickest and driest path to our covered back deck was through my living room.  And we call them dumb animals.


  1. Quilly I don’t think they are. What I like about cats that they cover their poop, not like dogs (they probably smart too, lol) let their owners to pick after them. Thank you for your post, interesting observations. Anna 🙂

  2. Haha they are very intelligent.

    I remember this one day I was sitting in the den and Belle kept meowing and acting like she wanted me to follow her. She was getting very insistant and demanding. Finally I got up to see if she had food, thinking maybe she’d finished it all…. I went to the next room, noticed her food bowl was empty… came back and she had stolen my chair!!!

  3. .
    Next thing will be knocking at your door to be let in. 🙂
    BTW, we have a cat now also. From our Karen who decided Amber (search my blog) was getting tool old for the quarantine and plane ride. Amber has our upstairs now. We have shut the guest room door so she has the game room and bath.
    She is nice but not as smart as yours and your neighbors’ cats.

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