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Microfiction Monday #47

Susan from Stony River, welcomes us to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints just 140 characters.

If you’d like to join us, stop by Susan’s, pick up the picture prompt,
compose your story in 140 character (or less), post it,
and sign in at Susan’s place, then commence in the sharing!

Jared’s last thought before he drowned was that perhaps his psychiatrist was right and he really wasn’t Poseidon, god of the sea.


  1. Poor Jared, He needs to find a New Role Model. Good thing he wasn’t thinking he was Captain of the Titanic.

    My is set to Post for later today.

  2. .
    Good one, Quilly. I am glad you didn’t erase it. My boater invoked a little help from Poseidon also. [Great minds here? :)]

  3. He might have fared better AND saved a lot of money AND maybe even his life if he had found a 12 step program instead. Who knows? Anything is possible!

    My first try at a Micro-Fiction Monday is up.


    1. One Prayer Girl — your first entry in MFM was fab! And a 12 step program might have helped, at least he’d have had a sponsor to warn him away from the water!

  4. Too bad Jack Handey counldn’t have had a few words with Jared before he got in the boat: “I think a mistake a lot of us make is thinking the state-appointed psychiatrist is our ‘friend.'” –Jack Handey

    1. SparkleFarkl — judging by your quote the meeting would have made no difference. Jared had already decided not to listen to the psychiatrist.

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