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The Pot

She: “So I’m walking through the fair, and there’s this great big pot on a counter. I want it, but it’s so big that it wouldn’t work on our stove unless we used all four burners at the same time. And it’s so heavy, I can’t lift it!

“Then the director of your laboratory walks by and says ‘you don’t want that.’

“I want to tell him what for, but then I remember he’s the director of your lab, so I merely ask ‘why not?’

“He walks over to it and lifts the lid – which I hadn’t thought about doing. The pot only holds about a cup of water! The rest of the pot is solid metal. ‘That’s why not’, he says.

“‘No wonder I couldn’t lift it …”

“‘It’s for scientific experiments’, he finishes, as he picks the thing up himself (it suddenly got a lot smaller) and leaves.”

He: “Sweetheart, where did you get ahold of scientific equipment catalogs?”

She: “Scientific equipment catalogs?”

He: “What were you going to pay for this thing?”

She: “I wasn’t. Way too expensive.”

He: “I thought so. A perfect description of stuff in scientific catalogs. Overpriced and useless. And now I don’t know what to do.”

She: “About what?”

He: “About these catalogs. I don’t know whether to tell you to stop reading them, so you don’t have these nightmares any more, or to keep reading them and collect the nightmares for story ideas.”

She:Gimme catalogs!!”


      1. Looks like the Dudes are here, names are Thom & Doug. I’m now wondering about both of you. should I send your mothers to to check your sock drawers for paraphernalia?

        1. Not a wise idea if you ask me. 🙂 Feline huh? My brain must have frozen up when I first read this…but can you just imagine? LOL

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