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She: “Toast and juice?”

He: “Yes, please, that’s about all the food I can face this morning. You’re OK with this?”

She: “Why shouldn’t I be?”

He: “Well, you have been under a bit of stress lately. Trying to do too many things at once. I wouldn’t want you to get all flummoxed and put the juice in the toaster.”

She: “That would be a shocking experience, wouldn’t it? Not to worry, sweetheart, I know you like your juice chilled. Not toasted.”

He: “Thank you, love, that’s a relie … Stop!!


He: “Put .. the .. jalapenos .. back!


    1. “Dude!”


      “I thought you said you put a plate of biscuits out here!”

      “I did, dude. They’re right in front of you!”

      “These ain’t biscuits, dude! They’re cookies!

      “They’re biscuits, dude. Here. Read.

      “But, dude, these things are cold and hard. I want, like, warm and soft and doughy. Where’s the dough, dude?”

      “The way the economy is these days, dude, you’re askin’ me?

  1. Were the jalapenos going in the toaster or the orange juice? Hmmm….

    We had a potluck at church today, but I think jalapenos in orange juice would have been left on the table!

    1. Eggs is OK, Melissa – though I wonder why bother with the eggs, except maybe to stun the peppers out of the worst of their ferocity. But there’s a reason why Ocean Spray has yet to introduce jalapeno-cranberry cocktail to the marketplace.

      1. Linda, for Quilly to get into a jam, she’s going to have to learn to play an instrument. Perhaps the spoons …

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