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Dude and Dude Do “The Potluck”

“Dude! Ya gotta see this!”


Food fight!

“Where? Who?”

“Right here! OC and Quilly! Picnic and snack stuff! They’re givin’ each other the … um … they’re talkin’ ’bout fingers!

“Nice save, dude.”

“Wonder which one’s tellin’ the truth?”



“Look. The dude’s restin’ up for next basketball season. Probably on his own private island or somethin’. Y’think he’s gonna take five seconds of his time to let anyone try to tell him ’bout this horsemeat?”

“Nah, probably not. But … horsemeat?

“Dude, that potluck thing was hours ago. It’s dead by now. Instead of floggin’ it, we should probably cook it.”

Ewwww, dude! Not kosher!


    1. Karen — when I was a wee one my grandpa used to feed me tongue sandwiches with mustard. He also fed me sardines and crackers. He was a great baby-sitter.

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