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A Touching Plea

I removed this comment from my blog, then decided to share it with you anyway:

My dear Quilly,

I been watching you from my far.  Please say you marry me.  You strong, handsome, brave.  I be good wife. I know you good man have good heart.


I am inclined to answer this one.  She does seem to be in dire need — of glasses!

Could you come to my blog and leave a comment without noticing that I am female?  There is a huge photo of me in the sidebar! And JiaoJin isn’t the only idiot out there.  I get a lot of spam comments that start, “Hey Buddy ….” I know spammers aren’t very scrupulous or very bright, but since they are trying to make a living you think they’d take the 2 seconds required to discern whether I was male or female before posting their desperate pleas for whatever scam they’re running.  I mean, it would up their odds of being taken seriously, wouldn’t it?


  1. You know. I don’t have the time for it at the moment but I’ve been thinking that the blog world needs a best SPAM of the week meme! 🙂 I get some that crack me up!

    1. Thom — your CRS is acting up again. I do a spam post every 4-5 weeks. I have for years. You marvel or grouch every time. Get over it already.

  2. This person needs an anatomy lesson. Don’t know ’bout you, love, but my heart is not located in my left back pocket. And no one should go looking back there for mine; they’ll disturb the moths.

  3. Yes, one would think that if they took the time to notice these things, they would be much more effective. Actually, I would hope that they would be equally ineffective, but to a smaller audience. Oy!

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