A Touching Plea

I removed this comment from my blog, then decided to share it with you anyway:

My dear Quilly,

I been watching you from my far.  Please say you marry me.  You strong, handsome, brave.  I be good wife. I know you good man have good heart.


I am inclined to answer this one.  She does seem to be in dire need — of glasses!

Could you come to my blog and leave a comment without noticing that I am female?  There is a huge photo of me in the sidebar! And JiaoJin isn’t the only idiot out there.  I get a lot of spam comments that start, “Hey Buddy ….” I know spammers aren’t very scrupulous or very bright, but since they are trying to make a living you think they’d take the 2 seconds required to discern whether I was male or female before posting their desperate pleas for whatever scam they’re running.  I mean, it would up their odds of being taken seriously, wouldn’t it?

I’m Confused

I just received an email informing me there there are naked photos of my wife being displayed freely on the internet. This is supposed to concern me. Somehow it doesn’t.

I have also received an email assuring me that if I increase my penis size it will improve my love life, my self-concept, and my career. I am somewhat skeptical of these claims. I would like them to send me documented proof that this has improved the lives and self-concepts of other women.

And I have been offered the chance of saving $60.00 per year if I sign up for a two year membership in an online “every man’s fantasy” porn club. Sixty dollars is a lot of money to save, but even so this offer really doesn’t tempt me.

Should I be concerned?