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In Case You’re Wondering

I’ve been busy visiting with my family.  Amoeba seems to be holding up well.  He has even admitted to enjoying himself a couple of times.

I am keeping up with all of your comments on my blog via my phone.  I can’t actually read my blog — operator error I am certain — but I do get your comments emailed to me.  The reason you haven’t heard from me more is two fold: busy (I already said that) and stupid.  I packed my mouse and my keyboard, but I managed to leave my computer at home.

I am currently using Amoeba’s laptop.  That means my time here is limited.  I am sorry I can’t get around to visit all of you.  Likely I will see you soon.  We are traveling home tomorrow.


  1. My fiance just bought me an IPhone 3G to use for when I’m away from my computer (I don’t have a laptop). I have NO idea how to use it. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation!

  2. You know you shouldn’t worry about this. Just enjoy and have fun. Live goes on and the world still turns when we don’t blog. :). Hard as that may seem to believe.

  3. Too funny, that you forgot the computer. But I think it´s probably for the best. You should focus on family time. 🙂 HAve a good weekend!

  4. LOL, mouse and keyboard but no computer!
    That reminds me of the time my dh & I went snow camping with all sorts of gear… and forgot the sleeping bags.
    Please tell me you didn’t forget the camera! 😀

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