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Truckin’ On Down the Road

Amoeba and I enjoyed out cross country drive.   There seemed to be a lot of big rigs on the road.  Every time a rig would pass us, or we would pass a rig, Amoeba would say, “What recession?”  Apparently trucking companies still have plenty of goods to haul.  Almost every rig that went by advertised Trucking Jobs on it’s tail gate. Need a job? learn to drive an 18 wheeler!


  1. There are a LOT of trucking jobs open in West Virginia these days — a few months back I read a local newspaper article which explained why trucking jobs actually become more in demand during bad economic times … can’t remember why now LOL. Maybe because fewer goods are shipped by plane, or imported, or a combination of other weird things… Oh well, whatever, they make decent money and it’s easier work than going down a mine.

    I’m with Doug btw.

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