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From the Passenger Seat

In all of my adult years, every trip I have made through Washington State on I-90 has either been after dark, or when I am driving — or both.  However, when Amoeba and I traveled to Spokane last week, he drove and I got to sight see, and I saw some sights I had never seen before.

Wild Horses Monument

This is the Wild Horses Monument. It overlooks the Columbia River near Vantage, WA. I saw it for the first time on this trip. Amoeba was driving up the grade after we’d crossed the bridge and I saw two people standing on the side of the barren hill and staring up. I thought, “What on earth …” and followed their line of vision.

When I saw the monument I got all excited and pointed it out to Amoeba — who knew it was there and couldn’t believe that I didn’t. Of course he stopped so I could photograph it. The monument is a 200-foot line of life-sized charging horses titled, Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies. It was created 1989 by David Govedare of Chewelah, Washington for Washington State’s Centennial Celebration. The 1 inch thick steel ponies symbolically depict the Great Spirit releasing a herd of wild horses on a ridge above the Columbia River’s Wanapum Lake.


  1. And of course, in a photograph it looks even more realistic because you expect objects that would normally be moving to be frozen in time. I certainly thought that you caught a view of a herd. It must have been an awesome sight. 🙂

  2. I love it! And yes, it is very difficult to see while driving, but the passengers sure get a wonderful view. I can hardly wait to show it to my youngest son.

  3. At first I thought these were real wild horses!! And then I thought, wow Quilly is sooooo lucky to have captured this amazing sight. But, then I read on and realized the horses are statues. What a neat monument to see.

  4. The first time I saw it I thought they were real horses! There is a specific angle when driving by where the lead horse actually looks like it’s jumping off the cliff …ever since we bought our Eastern Wa property I’ve had a little fantasy of making my own little wild horses art at one of our rocky outcroppings. Hey…a girl can dream.

  5. I’ve heard of the monument for years but I guess I never looked it up to see what it looked like. I had no idea it was this grand. Gotta put it on my vacation bucket list.

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