Coffee Shop Shopping

I took myself and my Avon off to Criminal Coffee this morning and set up at a table.  This is my new Monday strategy.   I took a few nice products to catch people’s eye.  It worked.  A lot of folks stopped to look.  No one bought anything on the table, but I did take two orders for other products and I gave away a couple of books to new people.

Avon has a new mascara out that got a lot of comments but no one ordered.  It is Sonic Mascara and comes with a vibrating brush.  I’d like to repeat some of the comments, but I am certain if you use your imagination you’ll think them up all on your own.  (Thank heavens Thom is on vacation!)

12 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Shopping

  1. For Pete’s sake. I have mascara with a vibrating brush. Either Estée Lauder stole the idea from Avon or vice-versa — but nevertheless, a good heist for you at Criminal Coffee.

  2. I don’t need a vibrating brush. I have shaky hands. (And I won’t make inappropriate comments, because I am the one whose child designed an interesting looking lizard tail.)

    I might have to start wearing mascara one of these days, though. The tips of my lashes are fading / going gray. *sigh*

  3. The vibrating brush is supposed to be separating your eyelashes as you apply your mascara. It’s just a gimmick. Next time I’m buying regular mascara and doing the same thing as I’m holding the brush.

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