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Apparently I am going to live.  I had a bit of chiropractic work done and the horrid pain went away.  Then I came home and sat in my computer chair — and was soon feeling ill again.  That’s when I realized I was looking at my computer screen from the way wrong angle and holding my neck really weird.  I made some adjustments and am once again sitting up straight.

Tomorrow after church I am going to spend a couple of hours with Amoeba before he heads back to Hawaii, then I’ll visit as many of you as I can before heading for my friend’s birthday party.  Since none of us are drinkers and we can only eat so much, I expect I’ll be home early so I’ll try to get around to visit everyone before bedtime.

You have all been very busy while I have been ill.  My reader says I have 134 unread blog posts to see.  I won’t get to them all and I am not even going to try to catch up on what I am behind.  Doing so would no doubt bring on another headache!


  1. Glad you are getting better, have a wonderful visit in church and with the Amoeba before he heads off for the Islands. See you when you are back from your party.

  2. some of those posts might be mine, I’ve been posting everyday and the last two days I’ve had to go back and fix links multiple times before they came out right.

    Glad you are feeling better?

  3. glad you are feeling better.
    and don’t sit too long in that chair, reading posts – get up every few minutes for more water. we don’t want everything to go out of alignment again so soon. it is so easy to get lost in reading….

  4. Glad that you were able to figure out some of the causes of your pain and get them resolve. But, I’m sorry that Amoeba is going out of town again so soon. Don’t worry. You’ll have us here to console you. 😉

  5. Glad you’re feeling better. Sad that Charley is heading out again!

    You really need to spend some time working on the ergonomics of your computer station – I know RSI (repetitive stress injury) very well, and an adjustment to lower the height of my keyboard and mouse made a huge difference to me. I also have an obus-form back support since I sit here for hours every day. I have lost some range of motion in my neck too, because of sitting here too much. I was told by more than one physiotherapist to get up at least once every hour for several minutes and do something else. Valuable advice!

    Enjoy your time with hubby!!

  6. Glad you´re doing better. But don´t give yourself a headache trying to catch up. I say press “MArk as read” and have a better week!

  7. Well, I PROMISE you that until after midnight my time, NONE of those 134 were mine!!! I haven’t posted all week… I am glad to hear you’re feeling better though. Gonna LIVE is even BETTER!

  8. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and figured out what the problem was. In our new place the light hits and reflects off the computer monitor at certain times a day and kills my eyes.

  9. I’m glad you are finally getting some relief!
    My posts have been short for the past few days: just a photograph and a haiku. Time has been a precious commodity!

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