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Send a Maid!

I am very busy and I don’t see any slow down until after the holidays.  I have just spent the last couple of days putting the church newsletter together.  Now we are coming up on Advent and I have volunteered to help create special program bulletins and handouts.

Plus, Amoeba and I have decided we are going to have a holiday open house so I have to start baking and getting things ready.  I have already ordered a bunch of Christmas decorations.  I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can “dress” the house.

On top of that, my Avon sales have picked up as people order things for Christmas, so that is taking more of my time, too.  If you saw my post about the Flip Mino HD video-camcorder being on sale for an incredible $89.00 (currently selling at your favorite discount stores for $149.00) you know Avon currently has some amazing prices.

The entire purpose of this post is to tell you I love you all and miss you, but I am also quite busy and enjoying it.  I am not ill.  I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I wish I could figure out how to do my house work and all the things I want to do and blog, but I can’t.   If you all really miss me, send a maid.  I would be happy to let her do the housework while I take care of my chosen chores.


  1. .
    No maid from me, Quilly.:) But then I will have to miss your open house this year.

    They tell me that December is a slow month for blogging. I’m like you, needing to cultivate the old friends so they come back more often.
    Then too, FaceBook has robbed from the bloggers. Several of my friends are now friends on facebook as well.

  2. Yes, as a matter of fact I received your Charlene Amsden email today!

    “NEW Lower Price You’ll FLIP for”

    And Jim is so right!! Tom Layne and I are Facebook friends. (We all know him better as Tom and Icy) … He had to add a new Facebook character called Patty Lamb to get away from Vanessa V. Kilmer (Nessa) and Gabi Dávid (Ariel the Thief). So now I have two friends in one!

    Plus Steven Scharz (masterymistery) Did you know he’s from Australia ?

  3. Oh yes. And Cie Hartley (Tempest Nightingale Le Trope, Cheesemeister, Blooming Psycho and Lily Strange.)

    She has fortune cookies delivered to her all the time. I brought her a recipe for Kung Pao chicken and then she, Illsa Gorrey and I had dinner in the comments section.

    Kung Pao chicken is Cantonese. Next time I’ll bring Hunan.

  4. I haven’t been much busier than normal, but my work schedule had been crazy+plus exhausting so I haven’t gotten anything else accomplished besides getting out of bed in the morning, going into work, then falling into a coma once I get home.

  5. You mean you’re not SuperWoman? You sure had me fooled.
    I hear you loud and clear…blogging is such a wonderful creative outlet, but so are a whole lot of other things that sometimes claim our attention.
    I know there are people out there can remodel and blog about the whole process…I found out I’m just not that girl. I do miss all of the lovely people in blogland though…I’m sure all your blog buddies will wait patiently for you to come back full blast.
    Have a wonderful time party planning!

  6. I find that I function better when I am busy. Somehow, it all gets done.

    Cleaning house is over rated. Here is a helpful tip: If you hold your open house during the evening hours, the dim lighting will hide the dust! LOL

  7. I have spent the last two days dusting and vacuuming and there’s still more to do tomorrow. If I had a maid, she would have to finish my house before I could send her to you!

  8. Ah, aren’t the holidays grand. Actually, they suck. We eat food we shouldn’t, spend money on gifts for people we don’t like and give them things they don’t want. Some will criticize and say I am a cynic. But, having lived in a Third World country for 1/4 of the year, I find some American traditions an example of our lifestyles extravagant avarice.

  9. My daughter is having such a busy holiday, that she actually did have a cleaning service come in to clean the house. I’ve never done that. I’d feel so weird. However, she said it was a life saver.

    And then… the freezer died for a while and all the holiday preparations spoiled. Sigh…

  10. It’s all good, Quilly – but does that mean you’re not gonna haiku for us either?! OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!! It’s a good one today too… and I chose one of your words for next week’s theme. Just sayin’.

    Wish I was close enough to attend your open house – that would be fun.

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