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55 Flash Fiction Friday ~ Happy New Year!

55 Flash Fiction Friday is hosted by G-Man (Mr. Knowitall). Click the icon below or the link for more information. All you have to do to join in is write a story in exactly 55 words then trip over to G-Man’s blog and let him know you’ve posted your 55.


“They’re closing the Lang forever after New Year’s Eve.”

“Bummer. I drank a lot of beer there.”

“Me, too. It ain’t right. We oughta save a piece of her for posterity.”

“Yeah, but what piece holds all our memories?”

“Her name.”

“How we gonna save her name?”

“Easy. We just steal the old Lang Sign!”


  1. ha – stealing the sign….reminded me somehow of a street sign in basle (very famous one) which gets stolen all the time…now the hung it so high, you need a ladder to steel it…smiles
    happy new year to you

    1. Gigi — coming up with that one exhausted me. they read easy but they take a little work to write, especially when confined to 55 words!

  2. *Groan* 😀

    Leave it to you, Quilly, to come up with such a great pun! I hope they hang the sign up in a home version (garage? basement?) of a place with so many good memories.

  3. Sheesh, dude! Who do these dudes think they are?”

    “After your crack about ‘Christmas Eve’, dude, you can complain?”

    “Hey. At least if you wanna say somethin’ ’bout ‘her posterity’, she had one worth writin’ about. Since you mentioned cracks.”

    Bummer, dude. But didn’t you mean posteriority?

    1. Kelley — maybe I should have gone the bar stool angle. A lot of folks missed the joke. Alas. I am happy though because enough folks got it that I know the disconnect wasn’t in my writing.

  4. My dear friend 🙂 .
    As you know that
    To day’s the last day
    Of the year 2010
    I want to thank the
    Special people, who
    Touched my life
    With their
    Concern & made
    My life more
    You are one of them,
    Thanks for your
    Contribution to my life
    May almighty
    Continue to give you
    Blessing &
    Happiness in the
    Coming years
    Too All Of You

    1. Teresa — thank you, but I would hate for all of my dreams to come true at once! I wouldn’t have time to adequately savor each one, and I’d have nothing left to look forward to!

  5. My friends and I loved it! Of course we just left our favorite pub to head home for food drinks and the ultimate game night! So…. drinks help. But we did for the record get the Auld Lang Syne Joke!!

    1. RiA — I am so surprised that everybody didn’t get this joke. I thought I practically hit them over the head with it. I guess Auld Lang Syne isn’t as well known as it used to be! I’m glad you’re having a good time tonight. I can’t believe you stopped to blog!

  6. Love this! Haven’t been blog-reading much with all I’ve had to do lately, and I’m glad I kept scrolling down and saw this!

    Happy New Year to you and Amoeba!

    1. Linda — I was hoping you’d see this. You’ve missed several puns lately, but I know it is a busy time — plus you have an extra kid!

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