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Saturday 9

Welcome to Saturday 9 the meme that posts 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated.  On those weeks we get “random questions,” so-to-speak. We’re encouraged to visit other participants posts and leave comment, but it’s our choice because there aren’t any rules!

Saturday 9: Do Ya

1. Do ya love New Year’s Eve? What did you do? (Or if you arrived here early, what are your plans?)
For most of my life I have stayed in for New Years Eve, and it is not because I host a party. As a kid my family stayed home, if there was any drinking done it was out of sight after we were down for the night. As a teen I baby sat. There were so few competent baby-sitters in the area where I lived that parents would get in bidding wars. I always made a mint over the holidays! As an adult I also choose to stay in. There is too much weirdness that goes on, and too many drunks on the road, for me to appreciate New Year’s Eve “out”.

2. What’s something nice you did for someone else this year?
I try to do 2 or 3 nice things every day. I did do a couple of “extravagant” nice things, but if I share them any good I did would come unraveled. One thing I seem to do often is help people who don’t have the correct change when trying to cash out at a register. How is it they always end up in front of me?

3. Who do you wish could find their inner spirit to become more comfortable in their life?
A friend of mine who keeps trying to “shop” her way to happiness.

4. What’s the best thing to inherit other than money?
Good genes.

5. How many members of your family not living with you did you see on Christmas Day?

6. When spending time with family, how long after you arrive do you begin to feel “antsy” about being there too long?
Two days (family doesn’t live close and shorter visits aren’t feasible). the longest I have made it without bolting was 6 days. I was supposed to stay 9. I wouldn’t have made it 6, but a lot of my old high school and college buddies still live in the area.

7. Is your family more likely to have pleasant discussions or heated arguments during a big meal? Do you join in or quietly listen in?
My immediate family — Amoeba and I — have probably had two heated discussions in all the time we’ve known each other. My birth family — aye, aye, aye!

8. Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? What one thing that you didn’t get would you like to have received?
About 4 years ago, in protest of all the greed and commercialism, Amoeba and I stopped exchanging Christmas gifts. Whenever we have the urge to buy one another a present, year round, we just do it. If we want something extravagant it is a planned purchase. Since people don’t get that, we usually just mention whatever gift we most recently received, or whatever extravagance we are planning (like our January trip to Hawaii).

9. What’s one area of your life you really improved this year?
Hostessing! We had a record amount of extended-stay company this year and a couple of parties.


    1. Barbara — Happy New Year! May 2011 fulfill all of your needs, some of your wants, and a couple of your dreams; and may it also leave plenty for you to look forward to in the future.

  1. Art and I operate the same way during the holidays. We gave up buying gifts for each other a long time ago. It’s TOO much pressure. If we want something we do the planned purchase thing, too. I agree with so much of what you said.
    Happy New Year, Quilly!

  2. We spent New year home as well, but only because of the bad weather ! it was so foggy I couldn’t even see the firework in our area !
    Happy New Year to you !

  3. I use to make a bundle babysitting as a kid.
    Those people who shop their spirit away are like any one else with an addiction. It’s just paying those dang bills.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your Amoeba Quilly.
    Glad to have you as my new friend 🙂

  4. NICE meme! I LIKED that one! You didn’t see ANY family on Christmas Day? I thought you would… I thought you were excited about spending Christmas with family this year… I must be REALLY confused! PROBLY I oughta be around more often! THEN I would KNOW stuff!

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