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Don’t Be Defeated

The title of this post — Don’t Be Defeated — came from the words Amoeba threw after me as I hobbled down the hall of the medical clinic this morning.  I was on my way to the operating room to have my toenail removed.   You gotta love a man who offers such sincere and heart felt support, don’t you?

Now here I sit with my foot propped up and the feeling slowly returning.  Right now it itches, but I think scratching is probably a bad idea.  Doc also told me not to get it wet for two days, and no public pool for at least two weeks!  Two weeks!  I love water aerobics and I am going to miss it.

So, what does one do while stuck in a chair for hours with her foot up in the air?  Well, this one plans to do a little blogging, watch a little NetFlix, and maybe play some Facebook games from Mind Jolt.   And of course I’ll read a bit, too.


  1. So did you laugh or roll your eyes at his comment? 🙂 Hopefully he sent you into surgery with a smile.Hope it heals well. I’m sure you’ll find plenty to do in the meantime, though I hate for you that you have to miss your water aerobics.

  2. I stick myself in a chair for hours on end most days and now that I’m retired, I enjoy every minute of it. I’ll admit though that I could use more physical activity…now…how to blog (read and write), manage/edit digital photos, read magazine and books, play Farkle with Rich two or three times a day, play cards with our friends, etc etc…all while moving my usually inert body around!?!?!?!??!

  3. Ouch! The whole thing? My son has had his toenails resectioned more than once. It’s the way they grow. It always looks really painful, but he seems to get through it. I shudder thinking about it.

    Sorry about your water aerobics…this couldn’t have waited until the ‘off-season’? Oh well, you’ll be all caught up and ready to go back!

    Does this get you front row status at the Coffee Shop?

  4. As a person who frequently has to deal with toenail issues. I feel your pain, but I haven’t had to have surgery. I mean other than the “surgery” that I’ve done on myself. I’d like to blame my dance career, but I had issues long before that. Hope the foot heals up quickly. In the mean time, it sounds like you have a few perks. You get to slow down for a little while before you go off like a blond tornado again. 🙂

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