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Mr. & Mrs. Hooded Merganser

For those of you who thought I must have gotten my genders confused on my post about the female Hooded Merganser, I offer this pic:

Mr. & Mrs. Hooded Merganser
Mr. & Mrs. Hooded Merganser

Here we have the lovely couple together. Yes, she is a beauty, but as you can see, compared to him she really is quite plain.


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    I like your duck picture, Quilly. 🙂 How did you know that they were married? Oh, I forgot …. I took a duck picture today on our walk in Regent’s Park.
    Your story was nicely told too. Sometimes we just don’t get our due.

  2. I remember when I was little and my dad used to carve wooden ducks. And I remember how he taught me that the female ducks were always plain janes. It was the male ducks that had the beautiful color. Guess those males need something to impress the females!

  3. This is what made your photos of the female so amazing. The light and her movement with feathers ruffled against the brilliant blue of the water showed her beauty like no other photo I’ve ever seen of a female merganser. Such photographic perfection!

    This photo too…the way you capture the water…WOW! R & I must travel to your area sometime; the scenery must be breathtaking!

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