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  1. i think you should lay down immediately.
    with a tea or some icy cold beverage.
    and a book.
    and a blanket.
    do not get up until your beverage is empty or its time to go to bed…

    you’ll be right as rain in no time.

    1. And if we both tell her that, Tilden, maybe she’ll listen. Maybe. Don’t take that to Vegas … 😉

  2. .
    1. Get well soon
    2. Drink your hot tea with lemon and honey
    3. Put on some blankets (sweat a fever) to get warm
    4. Drink lots of water
    5. Take some antihistamine, the kind you have to sign for at the drug counter
    6. Sleep when you can
    I don’t know what else to do. Maybe read the well wishes from your friends will help things.

  3. We are just getting over it here…except for the cough. The cough will not die. Take care of yourself and I hope you’re feeling better soon. Prayers for health. 🙂

  4. Ill again? I think that you’re pushing yourself too hard. Gotta listen to the bod. If you push it too hard, it will push back. Take it easy, and be good to yourself. 🙂

  5. Oh dear! You’ve really had a bad winter cold/flu season. I’ve not heard of too many people being ill over here. Yikes! I shouldn’t have said that. I’ve cursed myself.

  6. All — the last time I was sick was January 30th. We figured out that it is my glasses causing the headaches and nausea. I have had an eye appointment and new glasses are on the way.

    On February 10th I had my toenail pried off. That doesn’t really count as sick, although the meds I was given did upset my stomach, but that was a side-effect, not an illness.

    The last time I was as sick as I am now was June. I don’t think that is excessive. Really.

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