She said, “Honey, if I were to burn your toasted cheese sandwich on one side, could I even it out by not toasting the other side at all?”

He said, “Well, I suppose you could, but that wouldn’t be my optimal solution.”

She said, “Oh.  Darn.”


He and She are away again.  They should return to the land of internet tomorrow evening.  She hopes to see you all on Saturday.  You may have noticed my blog was missing for awhile, too.  Dream Host isn’t quite as dreamy as they used to be.  In fact, this month they’ve come close to producing nightmares.

10 thoughts on “Balance

  1. The same is true for sunbathing, though I studiously avoid that these days.

    Have a fun and or productive time (depending on your purpose for traveling….)

  2. Oh yummm…now you made me want a grilled cheese sandwich! It seems like they almost always get a little too dark at out house too…and I watch ’em like a hawk..oh well…the farmer just laughs and eats ’em anyway…love that man.
    Sorry to hear you’re having blog/host issues – I think you’re pretty savvy when it comes to tech stuff so it’s got to be frustrating. My little laptop conked out last week because of a whole lot of nasty viruses…grrrr, not fun..we threw in the towel and bought a new one.

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