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Dude and Dude: Rockin’ My Sole

“So tell me again what we’re doin’ over here, dude, ‘stead of our own place?”

“‘Cause this is about Quilly, dude. So we’re putting it where she can see it.”

“Y’sure that’s a good idea?”

Sure I’m sure.”

“Don’t smell like it t’me.”

“Right. Come over here an’ let me oldspice up your life.”

“Not a chance, dude. B’sides. I thought this was about Quilly. It doesn’t have anythin’ to do with peas, does it?”

“Kinda sorta. Peace, anyway. An’ what it takes to have a peaceful soul.”



“Flounder stuffed with green paste. Can’t she do better than that?

“Speakin’ o’ better, dude. I got a question.”


“She says each of us has an immortal soul. In fact, she says each of us is an immortal soul.”

“Includin’ you an’ me?”

“Well, virtually. Let’s worry ’bout that detail later, huh? Anyway. So. If each of us is a soul, does that mean we’re all well healed?

“Only if y’toe the line! But I gotta thank ya, dude, y’explained somethin’ that’s been buggin’ me for awhile now.”

“What’s that?”

“I finally figured out what she means when she talks about the upper room.”



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      But your biologically named friend here didn’t say upper cut, he said upper room. I understand that, it is the room where Christ’s last supper with the guys happened.
      That happened in Jerusalem but there is an awfully good painting of it by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan [I’ve been to Milan but havent seen the painting–next time?].

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    Good post, Amoeba. šŸ™‚ I understand the part about peace pretty good. But last time I was thinking she would surely be switching to the real stuff, peas. That’a why my excellent guess of “minding your peas and queues [P’s and Q’s] came up.” I couldn’t fit the the Q’s in put what the hey.
    Most of these ‘hey dudes” I get onto the seemingly right wave length. But this one has me wondering if I am needing a few lessons in Greek?

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