Krystal Acres

Meet my friends.  They are all named Al.  Al Paca.  They live at Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm.  The farm is gorgeous and looks more like a park than a ranch.  The animals are all well groomed, well-fed and well loved.  We arrived at feeding time and we were permitted to hand-feed a couple of the beautiful creatures.  One cria was bottle-fed to help mom out.


As you can imagine, my camera was snap happy.  I took some wonderful pics and Amoeba did, too (which is how I got a pic of my hand feeding the alpaca).  At one point, I put the view-finder to my face and was adjusting the camera lens for a close up, when Oreo decided to investigate the camera. Even though her nose is a bit out of focus, this is my most favorite pic of them all.

Oreo -- Ms. Curious

If you ever get to San Juan Island, mark Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm a “must see” on your to-do list.