Ghost Ship Sighted in New Jersey

Warning! Restricted Area! Keep Out! The signs make it clear, the Ignis Fatuus, a haunted cargo ship berthed at Morey Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey, is no place for the faint at heart. Offering 15,000 square feet of terror, the Ignis Fatuus is the newest and creepiest attraction on the New Jersey shore.

Live actors and animatronics provide the thrills and chills on The Ghost Ship at Morey’s Piers. Thanks to the live cast, no two experiences will ever be exactly the same. Check out the video, then start planning your vacation.

After the terror of the ship, you retreat to your hotel and kick back, or check out one of the great eateries. Of course, you might want to work off the extra adrenalin by visiting the water park or losing yourself in the lights and thrills of the amusement park. Everyday is a new adventure at Morey’s Piers.

Wildwood in Spring!

Hey, Nessa, Tilden, Melli, Kcinnova, SouthlakesMom, Church Lady — and all my other East coast friends — check this out: Morey Piers is having a 35% off Spring Sale and they’ve got four brand new rides for your immediate enjoyment and a mystery attraction they will unveil on Memorial Day.   While you’re checking out the NJ Amusement Rides at Morey Parks, don’t forget to check out their news & events for special deals on Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day as well.

I lifted this from their website as a little incentive to get you to go visit:

The extensive list of special events and dates at Morey’s Piers for 2010 includes*:

April 4 – Easter at Morey’s Piers
May 9 – Mother’s Day at Morey’s
May 14-15 – Music in the Parks
May 21-23 – 15th Annual Spring Beach Jam
May 29 – First Annual Curley Fry Festival
June 2 – Class Trip Day
June 3-4 – 16th Annual Education ExtravaGREENza
June 5 – Beach Bop
June 13 – Girl Scout Council of Southern New Jersey
June 19 – 12th Annual ALS Express Bike Ride
June 24-27 – Wildwoods’ AcroBlast
June 25-27 – Cape Express Beach Blast Soccer Tournament
July 10-11 – Coastin’ By The Ocean
July 10-11 – “On Stage” Dance Expo
July 15-17 – A Closer Walk – Christian Youth Weekend
July 17-18 – Beach Lacrosse
July 17-18 – Cape Express MORE Beach Blast Soccer Tournament
August 14-15 – Hobie Cat Regatta
August 15 – Rubber Ducky Regatta
August 29 – Lighthouse Church Service on the Beach
September 11 – Boy Scout Council of Southern New Jersey Fun Day
September 25-26 – 13th Annual Beach Jam
October 10 – Super Sunday Closing Day Celebration

*Please note that the information and dates above are subject to change.

If you book your trip, don’t forget to let everyone know. Maybe we can make it a blogger gathering. Sun, sea, laughter and friends. What could be better?