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Ghost Ship Sighted in New Jersey

Warning! Restricted Area! Keep Out! The signs make it clear, the Ignis Fatuus, a haunted cargo ship berthed at Morey Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey, is no place for the faint at heart. Offering 15,000 square feet of terror, the Ignis Fatuus is the newest and creepiest attraction on the New Jersey shore.

Live actors and animatronics provide the thrills and chills on The Ghost Ship at Morey’s Piers. Thanks to the live cast, no two experiences will ever be exactly the same. Check out the video, then start planning your vacation.

After the terror of the ship, you retreat to your hotel and kick back, or check out one of the great eateries. Of course, you might want to work off the extra adrenalin by visiting the water park or losing yourself in the lights and thrills of the amusement park. Everyday is a new adventure at Morey’s Piers.


    1. Melissa — nope. I am just wishing. I am still in Washington State where we are waiting for the sun to shine and the temperatures to top 70 degrees!

  1. I’ll take you on the ghost ship if you visit the East Coast. Morey’s Pier is about an hour away from my house. It’s a really fun trip during the summer.

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