An Extra Reflection

My greatest stress with blogging has not been in finding the time to visit the posts of my friends. It has been in finding the time for the extras — visiting the new people stopping by; answering comments left by people who were obviously using a “copy & paste” format which more often than not blatantly had nothing to do with my post; and then having to search the blogs of these strangers or the correct post because they’ve left the wrong links or posted seven times since noon OR [worse] aren’t even part of the meme and are just trying to boost their hits by stealing my time.

The Arbys sign reflected in the view screen of an idle monitor across the breezeway.

The Arby's sign reflected in the view screen of an idle monitor across the breezeway.

Thank you all for giving me permission to ignore such people all together. I never at any time had any intention of deserting my regulars. Some of you have been with me long enough that you remember my start on Blogspot and my custom designed “cats in a garden” template.

So this is my blogging decision,: I have separated all my blogs into 4 categories. In category one are the people who visit me daily, or at least the majority of the days of the week. That category also includes the folks who have been with my since my blog’s inception. They are more like family than friends. Category one is my “visit everyday [if possible]” category.

Then I have category two. In the category two are my “regulars” who visit me haphazardly. Like category one, they are people I have a relationship with and don’t want to lose. I will try to visit the category two people three of four times per week. I will no longer read and comment on all (or most) of their posts. I will look at what they’ve posted since I was last there, and comment on the one or two that most strike my fancy.  That is what they do at my place and it doesn’t offend me, so hopefully my doing the same won’t offend them.

In Category three are the people who either visit or post very sporadically. Since they don’t post every single day and pile up the data [like I do], I can read their blogs at my leisure and don’t have to show up the instant they post. I will visit these blogs once, maybe twice per week.

My category four blogs are special cases. I will get to them when I have extra time or when I am bored. For the most part they are the sites where I lurk, or are writing prompts or meme sites. These are not places where I have [yet] formed personal attachments.

It has already taken a great deal of pressure off of me.  I can close my laptop, walk away, and return without Finding 66 posts needing my immediate attention.  Whew!