I’m On a Roll

Yesterday, I took a big swallow of hot soup. It burned a path from my tongue all the down to my gullet. I instantly set the soup aside and grabbed my beverage for relief.

It offered no relief.  I’d washed the burning soup down with a cup of hot coffee.

Now I am pretty much afraid to move.  I am thinking about booking a vacation. I have a cheap caribbean coupon code — but considering my luck and the spelling on the offer I fear where I might actually end up.

It isn’t just the one incident that made me skeptical though.  On Sunday Amoeba had music practice so he went to church about an hour and a half before I did. I used my time to bustle around the house and tidy up a few things. I made the bed, put in a load of laundry, started the dishwasher and then sat down to read for a bit. Suddenly I realized I had to scoot to get to church on time. I shot out of the house and into the car. The garage door opened onto a very wet world of pouring rain.

I drove to church and parked in the back parking lot, then opened the car door and looked down. Sure enough, I parked next to a mud puddle. I would have to step very carefully.

I looked down at myself. I was wearing a lovely chiffon blouse, my black dress slacks, and bright-pink fuzzy bedroom slippers.

There was no time to go home and change. There was no way I was wearing pink fuzzy bedroom slippers to church, and there was no way I was missing the service.

That day I honored the hallowed ground appropriately. If anyone noticed, they never said a word.

So what’s next?  And if stupidity comes in threes, do I really want to find out?

Barefoot Weather

The sun is shining, the skies are blue and Spring is finally here.   I know, I know, I live in the land of  perpetual sun.  Why am I so excited about Spring?  Well, for the last several weeks this had been the land of perpetual rain.

This morning the day was gorgeous and I wanted to be one with it.  I left the house and stashed my purse in the car.  I opened the gate so I could drive out onto the street, then I walked around the outside of my house and just enjoyed the yard.  I enjoyed the grass beneath my feet.  I enjoyed looking at the baby papayas high up in our tree, and the baby tomatoes and peppers on our plants in the back yard, and the baby apples on the Malay Apple tree.  I noticed a couple of our orchids are about to bloom and our cactus is about to bloom again — blossoms for Thanksgiving AND Easter!  Now that’s bounty!

And there I was, full circle.  I got into the car and drove out of the drive way.  I then had to get out of the car and shut the gate. But before I could shut the gate, I had to go back to the porch and get something I’d forgotten.   It is a good thing there were rocks in the road or I might not have noticed until I arrived at work — I’d forgotten my shoes!