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Barefoot Weather

The sun is shining, the skies are blue and Spring is finally here.   I know, I know, I live in the land of  perpetual sun.  Why am I so excited about Spring?  Well, for the last several weeks this had been the land of perpetual rain.

This morning the day was gorgeous and I wanted to be one with it.  I left the house and stashed my purse in the car.  I opened the gate so I could drive out onto the street, then I walked around the outside of my house and just enjoyed the yard.  I enjoyed the grass beneath my feet.  I enjoyed looking at the baby papayas high up in our tree, and the baby tomatoes and peppers on our plants in the back yard, and the baby apples on the Malay Apple tree.  I noticed a couple of our orchids are about to bloom and our cactus is about to bloom again — blossoms for Thanksgiving AND Easter!  Now that’s bounty!

And there I was, full circle.  I got into the car and drove out of the drive way.  I then had to get out of the car and shut the gate. But before I could shut the gate, I had to go back to the porch and get something I’d forgotten.   It is a good thing there were rocks in the road or I might not have noticed until I arrived at work — I’d forgotten my shoes!


  1. It would truly be paradise if you actually did get all the way to work having forgotten them, and after telling your story, they shrug and tell you that it happens to everyone. 🙂

  2. That would have been so funny to have arrived at work without shoes, so caught up in the bliss of the day. Well, at first, anyway. 🙂 I used to live barefoot growing up in southern Texas.

  3. It’s 43 here today. Sunny? YES! But 43 nonetheless… If I were the violent type I’d be tempted to smack you.

  4. Jientje — I’m already impatient for your visit. Hurry up!

    SN — it’s rarely not barefoot weather here.

    Lisa — it is legal to drive barefoot in Hawaii, and most establishments will serve you barefooted and dressed in a swimsuit. Men do have to put on a shirt.

    Barbara — not so fun AT work because we’re always being yapped at to keep our shoes on. Yesterday the yapper was absent and my shoes spent most of the day under the desk (my feet didn’t).

    Thom — flip-flops are shoes. They’re sold in shoe departments and worn on feet!

    Doug — & a few other Pacific Islands, too, I would presume.

    Melli — I am glad your arms don’t reach this far.

    Fandango — good dragon! Keep Dr. John on his toes!

    Dr. John — The dragon was being empathetic and speaking metaphorically.

  5. i’m unlikely to be seen shoe-less, even in the hottest of weather. i remember it being over 30C, and when i sat down at home i lifted my feet (as i am wont to do) and covered them with a blanket.
    perhaps hawaii would change that?

  6. So Thom’s letting us in on the fact you wear flip-flops all year?
    Hmmm…can’t sympathize with you now! Especially since most of us have been in socks and boots for months. 🙂

  7. snowed this morning !! Still in nice sturdy boots/shoes around here, I am so jealous!!! XOOXOOX

  8. Quilly ~ Our grass is peeking though the snow, and the grass that is showing is nice and brown and soggy from snow that has melted.

    Friday was like a Spring Day Saturday is rain turning to snow.

    Want to send some of your Tropical Weather over yonder to us?

  9. Quilly…you know living over here we don’t call them flip flops…they are slippers. Not my call it’s just the what they are known as here. Hawaiian custom I suppose. And just because they are in shoe stores doesn’t make them shoes. That would be like calling them groceries when you buy them in Safeway. Shoes and slippers are two distinct entities over here just by Hawaiian custom. And yes Carletta, the ONLY time I’m in shoes is at work or some place I have to go and wear shoes because “slippers” don’t go with the outfit. Other than that, year round I’m in slippers outside and barefoot inside. Oh the price of paradise.

  10. Juliana — here, no one wears shoes inside, but I have a little blanket you could use.

    Willow — piping loud so the whole world could hear!

    Mar — and I am seldom in shoes if I can help it!

    Carletta — Thom talks too much!

    Caryl — I don’t even own a pair of boots. I left them behind in Vegas!

    Bill — nope. I’m keeping it. Feel free to come visit though. You could ride Thom’s bus and see all the sites — of course, best wait until Thom’s home and back to work!

    Thom — damn! Now you tell me! No wonder that pair of slippers I boiled all day never did get tender enough to eat!

    Barbara — thanks for the linky love!

    Alastair — Shhhh, I’m thinking we’ve managed to land just outside of Eden.

  11. I can’t wait until I can slip on my flip flops and go. Can’t quite wear them yet. It is still only in the upper 40’s – 50’s here in PA! Enjoy the warmth.

  12. CL — I love the warmth! That’s one of the reasons why I live here — and why I lived in Vegas before moving here. Sunshine!

  13. well, nobody wears shoes inside here either. that’s what we have slippers for.
    we even go as far as to expect every visitor to take off their shoes and put on slippers instead

  14. Doug — nice to see you are speaking to me.

    Thom — I thought the teriyaki sauce a but over the top.

    Juliana — Do you supply the slippers as well? Here we just tell you to leave your shoes outside and let you come in barefooted.

  15. Thom — thanks for the weather link — and had it been Shoyu, I probably would have eaten them myself, rubbery or not.

  16. LOL, that is wonderful. I too love to run barefoot a lot. At the diabetic clinic we were told ‘no more barefeet’ as we can loose feeling in our feet and hurt them without knowing, yadda yadda yadda… right. So far the circulation in my feet is just fine and I plan on it staying that way, so while I may be more aware of keeping my feet safe, I will still walk barefoot and rejoice in the feel of Mother Earth.

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