Dude and Dude Help With Quilly’s Stats

“So we’re supposed to talk about the Quillster, dude?”

“Yeah, dude.”

“So she’ll get more readers?”

“That’s the idea.”

“So what’s she been doin’ lately?”

Sellin’ stuff, dude. Where’ve you been?”

“Like, what?”

“Like, cosmetics.”

“They have ticks in space?!?

“Of course they do, dude. They bite space cadets. Which answers that question.”

“What’s this stuff good for?”

“To make you beautiful, dude. Well, OK, maybe not you. Take mascara, for instance.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s almost Labor Day. The store’s ‘ve gotta get that stuff out there. Along with the Christmas stuff.”


“I understand the Dick Cheney is still a top seller.”

What’re you talkin’ about??

Scary masks, dude. Isn’t that what you said?

“Not scary masks, dude! Mascara!

Exactly! Listen, dude, does this ‘cosmetics‘ stuff include perfume?

“Aha. Light dawns on Marblehead.”

“And deodorant?

“Get a case, dude.”

“After you, dude. But doesn’t this mean Quilly’s gonna have to be careful?


“When she takes down what people want to buy and stuff. You know how she sometimes gets all discombobulated when she’s tryin’ to do too many things at once. Somebody tries to get a whole bunch of scented stuff, along with this and that and somethin’ else too, and in tryin’ to get it all down the Q gets flummoxed and says ‘Thank you for your odor‘, well, she’s goin’ to lose customers, that’s all I’m sayin’.”

“Riiight, dude. And this is supposed to help with Quilly’s stats how?

“She didn’t say which direction, dude.”