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Dude and Dude: (Nothing) Sacred Song

“Beethoven?” “Yeah, dude. Somethin’ wrong wit’ that?” “No way, dude, I just didn’t know you could. What d’y’use?” “Huh?” “For bait, dude. To catch the oven. An’ y’re gonna need some pretty heavy duty tackle.” “Bait me any more, dude, and you’re gonna get tackled. Sit down an’ listen f’r [...]

Dude and Dude: Credit Billity

“Hey dude!” “What?” “How do you pronounce the ‘B’ in debt?” “‘B’ as in ‘bounce’, dude? So help me, if you bounce a check …” “Bounce a what?” “A check, dude.” “I don’t care where he’s from, dude. I ain’t gonna try ‘n bounce him. You think I could throw [...]

Dude and Dude Do “The Potluck”

“Dude! Ya gotta see this!” “Wassup?” “Food fight!” “Where? Who?” “Right here! OC and Quilly! Picnic and snack stuff! They’re givin’ each other the … um … they’re talkin’ ’bout fingers!” “Nice save, dude.” “Wonder which one’s tellin’ the truth?” “Neither.” “Neither?” “Look. The dude’s restin’ up for next basketball [...]