Okay, this is just too cool.  There is an online library that’s open 24/7, has whatever book you want (if they don’t and it’s in print, they’ll buy it!), and they’ll mail it to your door free of charge.  Not only that, you’ll never pay a late fee and there’s no limit on how many books you can check out in a month.  There is a limit to how many books you can check out at one time, but you get to set that limit.

What really blew me away though is the fact that you can rent college textbooks!  Where was this when I was in college and forking out several hundred dollars per semester on books?  Parents, can you imagine sitting down online, ordering your kid’s college textbooks, having them delivered to your door, and not having to max out your credit card for the privilege?

Along with the textbooks, BookSwim carries everything from the current hot-sellers in hardback and paperback all the way to the classics.  You name the genre, they’ve got it.  And, as I said, if they don’t have it and you request it, they’ll get it.

As a BookSwim customer, you will keep a rental queue with your chosen books selected and arranged in the order you want to receive them.  When you’re finished with a BookSwim title you mail it back to them — in the postage-paid mailing bag they provided with the book — and BookSwim sends you the next book on your list.  It’s pretty much the same system as that famous DVD rental outfit — only it’s books.  Pretty cool, huh?

Oh!  And if you should fall in love with a book and want to read it twice or three times, no problem.  Keep it as long as you want.  There are no fines or late fees.  And, if you should fall so in love with a book that you don’t care to part with it at all, just go into your account, click the appropriate box, and buy the book at low, member’s only used book prices.

AND, if you’re already ahead of me and already have BookSwim, or know somebody who would love BookSwim, check out the BookSwim gift certificates!

So, what are you waiting for?  That best-seller you’ve been waiting forever to get from your public library is almost in your hands already.

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