Dude and Dude: Unsprung

Quilly’s legion of fans will be happy to know that Quilly is having a grand time on her retreat. She should be back on deck tomorrow afternoon sometime (Sunday 14 March, Pacific Daylight Time) to catch up with your comments and blogs. Meanwhile, the Dudes have snuck out of their video game cave and are trying to hijack this site. If they can find Jack, that is. Or even get themselves out of bed …

“C’mon, dude, it’s morning already. We got stuff to do.”

“My pillow’s already stuffed, dude, and you can’t have it. How come I gotta be up at this hour? The sun ain’t yet.”

“The sun has sprung forward, dude. We gotta too.”

“Says who? Oh, d …mmmfmffm.”

“Watch your mouth, dude. Remember where we are.”

“Dude, it isn’t Daylight Saving Time time already, is it? Why can’t we go back to Hawai‘i, or someplace else sensible, where they save daylight all the time and don’t mess with the clocks?”

“Ours not to reason why, dude, ours just to smell the coffee.”

“I did that already, dude. I even drank some. Saved money on it, too, I’ll have you know. It ain’t helpin’.”

“Saved money on it?”

“Yeah. Said the caffeine was free.”

“The … caffeine … was … Dude, get out of that bed now, or I’ll give you a jolt. And I don’t mean the cola!”