Oh my, I was pathetic yesterday. This morning I am feeling better. I am by no means well, but I can function and think. I can move without my muscles protesting in agony. I am still coughing, but I no longer fear that doing so will cause my head to explode.

I know my kitties felt sorry for me. One of them neatly piled all my used Kleenex up in the middle of the bedroom doorway. This jesture would have been much more touching had he or she not taken them from the wastebasket to do so.

Both Fluffy and Chrissy slept on the foot of the bed last night. They rarely do that. Fluffy has a shelf on the bedroom bookcase he likes, and Chrissy usually spends the night trying to steal my pillow. Perhaps it was the Lander’s that kept her at bay.

Fluffy is beside me right now, keeping watch over mommy. Chrissy is in the living room wrestling with a dirty sock she filtched from the laundry. She is probably trying to clean the menthol smell of Lander’s from her nose!

Christmas Silliness

Many of you already know that my adorable Christmas kitten is crippled. One of her back legs lacks strength, so she wobbles when she walks. Despite the fact that she is now 8 months, 7 days old, she has not come to realize there are certain things she just should not do.

For instance, she shouldn’t try to sit on the arm of the couch, but she does so daily and falls to the floor for her effort. She tried to walk the edge of the sink the other day and fell in the dishwater. She hopped out onto the linoleum floor — a place she has trouble running upright even when she is not wet and soapy. Last week she tried to follow Fluffy’s leap from the arm of the couch to the top of the entertainment center. She crashed whiskers first into the TV and bounced to the floor.

I am afraid Chrissy is rapidly using up her nine lives. This morning she tried to drown herself yet again. There is a shelf in the bathroom I keep empty for her to lay on (not by choice, if I don’t keep it empty she dumps everything off of it and onto the floor). Beside that shelf is the water dish. As you can see from the photo the shelf is not high, but it is high enough to mess with Chrissy’s balance. This morning she tried to get a drink while standing on the shelf. Instead she did a head stand in the water dish.

While her antics are funny and I often laugh, underneath there is a bit of concern. Someday I am going to come home and find that one of her accidents has whisked away her very last life.