Cookie Monster!

Here I am on the East Coast looking for a good cup of coffee.  I have only seen one — ONE — Starbucks.  At home there’s at least one every mile.  Here the coffee shop of choice is a donut shop.  I am not a donut girl.

I mean, donuts are okay, but I prefer cookies with my coffee.  In fact, I prefer cookies of almost all desserts.  Cake is nice; ice cream is yummy (yummier when served with cookies) and I would never turn down a good pudding or a piece of pie; but if I am lead to a dessert table and told I can eat all I want of just one thing, I am most apt to pick cookies.

So, tell me there is a coffee joint here that has really great cookies.  If not, then tell me about an accommodating coffee shop and I will send them some great cookie recipes. I would really love a tall mocha and a peanut butter cookie!

Roger’s Environmentally Friendly Coffee Beans

I love a good cup of coffee and I have a few favorite brands. Imagine my joy and surprise to discover they are all made by the Roger’s Family Company. Rogers Estate Coffees from the UK just came to my attention and I discovered that they are an environmentally-friendly company with a positive carbon footprint! I was thinking, “Wow, I fonder if I can get coffee from them here in the states?”, and was thrilled to discover that I not only could, I already do! Both San Francisco Bay Coffee Company and The Organic Coffee(& Tea) Company are brands I love and trust — and they are produced by Roger’s.

Roger’s fine, gourmet coffees are now being fresh ground in the UK to assure their European consumers get coffee as delicious and fresh as their American consumers always have. When you think coffee beans uk think Roger’s. Their San Francisco Bay Coffee has long been a favorite of mine. Their Belgian Chocolate Flavored coffee is extremely yummy. I like it will just a touch of real cream. It tastes totally decadent.

The Rogers family began growing, harvesting and roasting coffees for over 25 years ago. They pride themselves not just on the quality of their coffee, but their commitment to ecologically friendly farming as well. In their own wods: Great coffee starts with great care for the land. It ends with roasting excellence. In between, when you put people before profit, you’ll have long-term relationships with the best coffee farmers in the world.

The Roger’s family also maintains several community aid projects — about 15 at last count — designed to help coffee farming communities become more self-sufficient, safe, healthy places to live, grow and prosper. They have improved community water sources, provided modern bathroom and sanitation facilities, provided medical clinics, purchased farm animals for food and brought in medical experts, nutritional experts and worked to upgrade the quality of life not only for their own workers, but in the surrounding community as well.

If you have every enjoyed any of these brands, San Francisco Bay Coffee Company, The Organic Coffee(& Tea) Company, Audubon Coffee, Fairwinds Coffee Company, Black Mountain Gold Coffee, Cafe Jerusalem – Kosher Coffee, East India Tea Company, then I know that you are a fan of Roger’s coffees, too. If you’ve not tried them, what are you waiting for?