Blogging Without a ‘Net

I am in the campus computer lab right now.  A major windstorm took us offline yesterday. I probably wouldn’t have trudged clear across campus in the wet and the cold just to plug into a hard wire, but I had several jobs to do, and I knew you all would be missing me and wondering what was up.

I’m pretty lucky because I could put my computer in my satchel and heft it to somewhere it works.  Tilden has some sort of worm or trojan horse virus crawling around in the guts of her computer. Last time I talked to her she said she was getting ready to do battle with the offender. She’s not been online since.

Perhaps we should all pitch in and get her CyberDefender, the malware removal software. I love mine. It keeps me stress free and secure. Preventing a virus from gaining access to your computer is cheaper and easier then repairing it after the damage has been done.