The Holey And The Profane

He and She were seated at dinner, a little later than usual, because of His schedule and because Murphy – He of the Law – intruded into Her meal preparations. One item in particular had resisted consumption – the box wouldn’t open – to which She had responded with frustration and dismay. Not to mention volume.

She: “You didn’t use this serving spoon?”

He: “No, I used the slotted spoon on both the broccoli and the couscous.”

She: “You used the holey spoon on the cous-cous? But it’s not Christian.”

He: “Well, then, it’s high time it had a religious experience. I reckon it needs all the help it can get.”

She: “Oh?”

He: “Yeah. Considering both its name and what it had to go through to get onto this table.”

She: “Its name?”

He: “Cuss-cuss.”

She: “Well, serves it right. I had a devil of a time getting that box open!”