The Office is Joy-ful Again!

Joy of joys, Joy is back from her vacation and once again manning (womaning?) the reception desk at work.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and I love talking to her.  She also likes my sense of humor — or at least that’s what she says when she isn’t rolling her eyes.

Today I came from my desk with blood oozing out of my thumb.  I said to Joy, “Did you know you aren’t supposed to staple your thumb?”  She said she did know that.  I walked away grumbling, “Why is it nobody ever tells me these things and lets me find out the hard way?”  Joy’s laughter followed me down the hall.

Later, when I was all band-aided and no longer posed a rosy-red threat to the AP checks, I passed Joy’s desk on my way back from the copy machine.  Rye was there with her.   I stopped.  I looked at Rye and pointed at Joy.  “This is Joy,” I said.  Then I looked at Joy and pointed at Rye.  “This is Yoj,” I said.  Rye nodded.

As I walked away I heard Joy say, “Yoj?”  And Rye answered, “Uhm.  Joy backward.  That’s my name when I sit here.”

Joy said — in that tone that questions one’s sanity — “Ooookay.”

I backed up two steps so I could look around the corner and see Joy.  “I heard that!” I said.  “And I am not silly.”

“So you say,” Joy answered.

I’m still contemplating what she meant by that.