Reg and Syd: The News at Easter

Reg and Syd, two [ahem] satirical gentlemen of means, made their blogatorial debut in October 2009. Then, as now, they were discussing the events of the day at their waterfront club


“Ah, Syd, the stratagem progresses well. How very gratifying.”

“I’d propose a toast, Reg, but the champagne hasn’t arrived yet. Horrible service today. You’d think it was a holiday or something.”

“Well, if our media boys continue to do their work as they have been, we won’t have to worry about that much longer. You haven’t heard a word about the Pope’s actual Easter message, have you?”

“Not one. Not a sentence that has ‘Pope’ in it that doesn’t also have ‘scandal’.”

“Perfect. With the Catholics labeled ‘perverts’ and the Protestants ‘freaks’, soon Easter will be history, and the field will be cleared for our business interests.”

“I do find it hard to figure out, Reg, just how many of these pedophile priests there really are.”

“Sydney, you know that answer as well as I do. Very few. But it’s greater than zero, which is all we require for our purposes. We tell people about the ones we know about, and let their imaginations work. And if their imaginings come up with a number that’s, um, somewhat larger than the real one, all the better for us.”

“Indeed. The bigger the problem looks, the more people will leave the church because of it.”

“Right. And churches are just about the last things in society that induce a person to think of someone other than ‘me’. Which is bad for business. When we make churches look bad, we split individuals away from them.”

“And an individual will be thinking how to do better for himself. And when he does, we sell more stuff! Which means we can pay for all the champagne we want.”

“Right now, it’s beginning to look like we can’t pay for champagne at this club. Call the maitre d’ over, will you, Syd, and get him to find our waiter. And fire him, even if he offers some cock’n’bull excuse for his laziness, like going to an Easter Sunrise Service. Hell, especially if he was wasting energy at a Sunrise Service that he should have been conserving to serve us.”

All About Me

This is just a personal update. I have a half-dozen little things I haven’t shared. First off, I am very much liking staying at home and I am finding ways to keep myself busy. Not only do I have all of you and my blog, but I’ve also taken up selling Avon.

On top of that my blog brought me a client who wanted to hire me for some writing based on my local access to businesses here in Friday Harbor. He has signed me up to complete three articles with an option (providing he likes my work and the quality is consistent) for several more. I have completed one article and hope to get the other two done on Monday and Tuesday.

In light of the events outlined in the two paragraphs above, I have purchased business cards. On one side of the card my Avon info is displayed. On the other side of the card it reads “freelance writer”. Since Thom says business cards are a total waste and he keeps them only long enough to get the info on them into his cell phone, I made certain to order green business cards. I don’t want my business cards adding to the planet’s problems. I do, however, want business cards so my prospective customers and clients have the information available to put into their cell phones!

We’ve been here all this time and never even plugged in our TV set. Today Amoeba decided to watch a baseball game so we hooked everything up and … no reception. The satellite guy will be here in Wednesday to check things out.

Easter Sunrise service this morning was held in a farmer’s field overlooking beautiful Griffin Bay. The service was short, but meaningful. Amoeba played the trumpet as we sang the morning hymns. Afterward we returned to church and had breakfast, then we visited for a bit and I met some more people. The Easter Morning church service was an expansion of the Sunrise Service and included Communion.

As we took the bread and wine I heard the little girl in the pew behind me urgently whisper, “Lisa! Lisa! He said this is God’s body!” Lisa, an adult, answered, “Yes. Jesus.” The child exclaimed, “I’m supposed to eat this!?” Then I heard Lisa whispering, but couldn’t make out her words. The young lady, however, answered clearly, “Oh. Okay. That’s a relief!”

The fact that Christ died to pay for my sins is a tremendous relief. There is no way I could ever be worthy of God’s love under my own power. Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

Amen & Happy Easter!

Flashback Friday #3 – Easter Memories

Mocha With Linda has started her very own meme. This is how she describes it:

This new meme’s purpose is to have us take a look back and share about a specific time or event in our lives. It will be fun to see how similar – or different – our experiences have been!.

I am enjoying this meme a lot. Grab the button and the link and come play along. Linda’s theme this week is:

What was Easter like when you were little? For example, did you receive a basket with toys and candy? Was the Easter Bunny part of your family’s celebration? Did your family integrate both secular and spiritual aspects of the day? Did you dye Easter eggs. . . .and did your family eat them afterward? Did you usually get a new outfit? (Post a picture if you have one!) Does any Easter stand out particularly? You might also share how your Easter today is similar or different to your childhood.

I always got a new dress and new shoes for Easter. Shopping for it would be a big deal. Gram always got a new dress for Easter, too. We made it a girl’s outing and enjoyed lunch downtown, too. Easter morning we would don our new dresses for the first time and go to church. Easter was first and foremost about celebrating Jesus.

After church there was always a luncheon with a smorgasbord of food and tons of desserts, children’s performances, and singing was usually part of the program as well. It seemed like my Sunday school teacher was always full of ideas for skits and plays and party games. The afternoons were usually lively and full of fun.

When we got home, Gram would send me to my room to change into play clothes. When I emerged from my room an Easter Basket would await me. Gram had usually hid a half-dozen of the eggs we’d colored and I would look for them. Sometimes she would oblige me and hide them two or three times before insisting I return them to the fridge. Yes, we ate the eggs.  As a child I knew about the Easter Bunny, but I don’t ever remember believing him to be real.

As an adult, Easter is still all about celebrating Jesus. I haven’t bothered with the new dress and shoes for years now. The last time I colored eggs was probably 5 years ago for Sidewalk Sunday School. I have always attended both the sunrise service and the regular Sunday service on Easter. Our first two Easters together, Amoeba and I did the sunrise service and then went home. But last year we attended both services and we will this year, too, since Amoeba is playing music and/or singing in the service.

Thanks, Linda!  This was fun!