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Dude and Dude: Tune In Or Else

“Du-UUUUUUUUUDE!!” “Jeez, dude! What is it?” “Omygawd, dude, it was horrible! Horrible!!” “It must have been, dude. You’re shakin’ like a leaf. What the hell happened? Did ‘World of Warcraft’ crash?” “Worse.” “Did you wipe out on your skateboard?” “Worse!” “Are you out of w …” “Worse!!” “What, then?!?” “I [...]

Reg and Syd: The News at Easter

Reg and Syd, two [ahem] satirical gentlemen of means, made their blogatorial debut in October 2009. Then, as now, they were discussing the events of the day at their waterfront club … ====================================================== “Ah, Syd, the stratagem progresses well. How very gratifying.” “I’d propose a toast, Reg, but the champagne [...]

Dear Continental

To Those Concerned (aka Dead Letter Office) Continental Airlines Houston, Texas, USA Folks: I have no way of knowing whether this is the first letter you have received from a protozoon. Although it is possible to infer, from some of your seating arrangements, that you have quietly begun to target [...]