A.D.D. & Me Alive & Well in Wackiki

I have never been diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder, but ….

Today I drove my car to the Waikiki Shopping Plaza — as usual. I parked on the roof — as usual. I walked to the elevators and punched the down button — as usual. The freight elevator arrived first and I stepped into it – -this was only semi-usual. About 50% of the time I ride the other elevator. Still, upon stepping into the elevator I pushed the ground floor button — as usual.

The elevator stopped on the next floor. I held the doors open (hand over the edge) as a mail carrier and a cart full of packages boarded the elevator.  The doors closed and the elevator took us down to the next floor, where it stopped again.   I held the door while a lady in a wheel-chair boarded.

We all rode the elevator to the ground floor.   The doors opened — this, too is usual. I held the door while the lady maneuvered her wheelchair out.  I held the door while the mail carrier wheeled his cart full of packages out.  I held the door while a mother with an empty stroller and a walking toddler came in.  Then, just as the doors slid shut and the car started to rise, it occurred to me that something very unusual had happened, and  someone hadn’t exited the elevator on the ground floor.


I punched the button for the second floor, got off, and rode the escalator back down. Perhaps I have a heretofore latent desire to be an elevator operator?   Next floor Lost & Found. If there’s an attention span on the shelf, it probably belongs to me.