Overnight Mattress Complaints

You are not going to believe this.  I am researching beds because Amoeba and I wish to put one in our guest room.  I have heard great things about memory foam mattresses and thought I’d check a few out online. I came across OvernightMattress.Com to check out their memory foam mattress and my eyes almost popped out of my head.  They offer a 120 night risk-free trial!

Seriously, sleep on the mattress for 4 months, and if you still don’t like it, return the mattress for a full refund.  Of course, the mattress has to be in new condition, no rips, stains, tears, etc. or a 15% damage fee is withheld, but that only seems reasonable.   Besides, look at the confidence OvernightMattress.Com has in their memory foam mattress.  And they not only off the 120 day money back guarantee — they’ll even pay for the return shipping!

About the title of my post, I was always taught that if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.  That’s why I immediately honed in on their product reviews and started looking for Overnight Mattress complaints.  I found a couple — most of them over minor things.  And the couple of complaints that weren’t minor had rave reviews for customer service and the quick, easy way the situations were remedied.

I like the prices on these mattresses, too.  They’re as mind boggling as the incredible 120 day money back guarantee. Now, as I said, the bed is for our guest bedroom, is a double bed big enough? Amoeba also plans to use the room as his office.  What do you think?

Furnish Your Cat House in Style

Cats love to scratch. Cats love to climb. Cats love to get as high as they can and look down upon their kingdom. Many moons about I had a regal, turquoise-eyed, Flame-Point Himalayan named “Bum” whose preferred perch was the top of the 6 foot high bookcase. From there he ruled the house.

Then we got one of those Cat Condos and put it in front of the living room window. The top floor was his favorite place for bird watching, the the middle ring was his favorite place to lie in wait for the dog to pass by. It was the perfect height for ear bopping.

We also had an ordinary Cat Tree in our bedroom. It had shelves at various levels and Bum seemed to love them all. His favorite though was only a few inches off the floor. It was the perfect height for tacking the ankles of unsuspecting humans.

You have your own chair, right? Why not get your little Fluffy or Tiger his or her own Cat Furniture? I guarantee you the cat will love it and love you for it. (Okay, strike that last bit. You cat may not love you for it, but s.he will appreciate it just the same.)

Luxury Theater Seating At Home

I have found the perfect couch for the family room. This might just get me to sit in front of the TV and stay. And, not only is it perfect for TV watching,  it looks plenty cozy enough for reading and just relaxing.  I bet it would make great party seating, too.

This is luxury Home Theater Seating. Either end of this sectional boasts a recliner. The middle two seats utilize the hassock as a foot rest. The hassock has a built in storage compartment for keeping comfy blankets close at hand, while the consoles each have smaller storage compartments and built-in cup holders — all of the comforts of luxury movie theater seating without the stickiness, nose and other discomforts of the public theater.

The Classic Sleep Ultra Mattress

I love memory foam mattresses. We have one now. Amoeba, who has back and hip problems, says he has never slept in a more comfortable bed. He loves it so much he’s willing to pay to have it shipped across the ocean when we move.

This isn’t exactly like our bed, but it does have a wonderful memory foam mattress. Not only that, it’s a great price.  We paid as much for our mattress as Home & Bedroom Furniture is charging for the bed platform & mattress combined.  To top that off, the website offers free shipping and no sales tax!

I don’t know for certain what bed we will ultimately put in our spare bedroom when we move to Friday Harbor, but I know for a fact that Home and Bedroom Furniture just made my choice even harder.  They have some great sets.  However, whatever I finally choose, I want it to have a memory foam mattress.

Naturally Perfect

Perhaps it is because I grew up in a pine forest, but I have a preference for pine furniture. I love knotty pine with a dark stain and a lacquer finish. Always I want the natural wood to shine through.

When my friend Craig made it to Vice-Principal, he was given an empty 10×12 office and told he would have to supply his own furniture. He went all out and bought a mega desk with a side table and a fancy hutch. He also bought matching file cabinets, a matching conference table and 6 chairs. They were all in beautiful knotty pine.

Craig invited his friends in to see his new office and we arrived with appropriate “desk warming” gifts — I took an assortment of sticky notes. As we sat at the table “blessing” the office with a soft-drink toasts, Kirk said, “It’s too bad they didn’t provide you with better furniture. We could have another party and paint all this stuff white for you.” Suddenly there was silence in the room, we all stared at Kirk. He realized he’d said something wrong and queried, “What? We could do black if you’d rather, but I think that would make the room look smaller.”

So, what about you? Are you into natural wood, or do you want your furniture painted?