Friday Harbor

Day Six

A Few Pictures & a Couple of Anecdotes

She downloaded her pictures and sat beside him with the computer. Please note, He is a BOTANIST/oceanographer. She says to him, “See these pink flowers?” He says, “Hmmm.” She says, “What are they?” He looks at them closely, nods decisively and says, “Pink flowers.”


Pink Flowers

I found this little beauty hiding shyly in the bushes:



Then this sweet Robin,
with a bit of song and dance,
led me in the opposite direction I’d planned to go.


Robin Red Breast

But, thanks to Robin, I found these beautiful Sea Anemones.


Anthopleura Sea Anemones

And, in the next tide pool I found this empty oyster shell being scrubbed by sea snails.

Oyster Shell

Oyster Shell & Sea Snails

When I returned home I found this fella sunning himself on the porch railing.



But by far my favorite pics of the day were of a fisherman who came by while I was playing in the tide pool. He came and went so quickly, there was no time to adjust the speed on my camera, so these are not as clear as I would like.

Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

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