The Truth About Gilligan’s Island

I really hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but as you can see from the photo, Gilligan and crew really weren’t all that lost. It is no wonder so many people found their way to the island. What I don’t understand is how our intrepid castaways took so many years to find their way off! In fact, in re-run heaven, they are still bumbling around out there over 40 years later. (They must have gotten their directions from Moses.)

It’s official name is Coconut Island (Moku o LoÊ»e), and it sits in Kāne’ohe Bay, off the northeast side of Oahu. The entire island is now owned by the state. The Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, an extension of University of Hawaii and the only marine research station built on a coral reef, is the sole occupant of the island.

This photo was taken from atop Pali Highway (That’s a whole other blog post all in itself.)  The haze over the photo, and the reason you cannot tell the ocean from the sky, is called vog — volcanic smog.  Oahu no longer has an active volcano, but Hawaii Island (aka “The Big Island”) is more than willing to share.  My eyes don’t care for the stuff, and I have been tearing, snotting and blowing for a bout a week now.