Steamed New England Lobster

Yum.  We’ve been here 3 nights and I have had 2 lobster meals.  Lobster Bisque and Seafood Kristopher (lobster, scallops, and haddock in a creamy Alfredo sauce over fettucini).  I have eaten fresh seafood, clams, cod, scallops, lobster, or oysters for every meal.  Every bite has been yummy.

Just a few minutes ago I had steamed New England lobster in the shower.  In what has to be the most unusual and weirdest complaint in the history of hotel suites, we ran out of cold water.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I bathed my body and washed my hair standing beside the main stream of the shower and splashing hot water on myself because it was just too hot to stand under — even coming out of the cold nozzle.

What’s up with that?  We don’t know, but we survived it and are the cleanest we have ever been — even if we did have to take ourselves out of the shower using lobster forks. I wonder if it is a side effect of this weird storm?

Oh, speaking of the storm, our flight has been grounded.  We have to stay in New England in this luxury suite with the giant feather bed for one more night.  (We are so abused.)  Amoeba’s niece works here and, since it is the off season, we were given one of the best rooms in the house (sitting room, bathroom, bedroom) for the rice of a regular double. The room included a giant jacuzzi bathtub and an electric fireplace.  We also have free wifi, a candy dish full of tiny sweets, 2 giant TVS and free bottled water. All that and unlimited hot water.  What more can one ask for?

In case you are wondering, we also passed by the Mayflower II, visited Plymouth rock, and the Daniel Webster estate.  Yes, I have photos.  I will share when I am less busy.  Much time has also been taken up visiting family, which is as it should be.