See Wall? Sea Wall!

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That is a lava formation OC is striding across — though looks are deceiving, it is not at all a smooth surface and he was picking his way. This particular bit of lava is jutting up at the edge of the sea and makes a natural seawall.  It is about 40 feet from the beach edge of the wall to the water line, give or take a bit, depending on the weather and the tide.

You do recall that I said it wasn’t all level, right?

The plants and animals that live on the wall have a very hard scrabble existence, but it sure provides great photo ops!

This fella was none too keen on having his picture taken and he was already difficult to see before he climbed over the side of the rock.

This fella was a bit skittish, too. In Hawaii we call him Ulili E. You would call him Sandpiper. OC says his name is Fred.

Iz sings his name beautifully. Have a listen:

Ulili E — Israel Kamakawiwo’ole