Fabric Choices

These are the fabrics I will use to build my quilt.

As I stated in my previous post, I am making the “Gypsy Wife Quilt,” which is an eclectic pattern created by Jen Kingwell. I went through my fabric stash and pulled out my favorite, most vibrant prints. Kaffe Fawcett and Tula Pink fabrics are always a riot of color and easily bring to mind the dazzling colors of twirling gypsy skirts. Along with Tula and Kaffe I have some Moda Grunge, some Kona Cotton, and RJR’s Hopscotch Candy Necklace Charm pack.

There’s a good chance I will pull in other fabric’s too. As well as blocks, the pattern has over 60 fabric stripes that run from top to bottom on the quilt. This pattern is so busy, a person could easily use over 100 different fabrics in it’s creation.

I am creating the GWQ as part of an online Facebook group. We plan to take at least 10 months to finish the blocks. Come enjoy the journey with us.