He Wants a Dolly

He, She and a friend were on their way back from Wal-Mart, where He had just purchased an air conditioner which He and his staff need in order to survive at work.  They were driving East on Interstate H1 in Hawaii (yep, Hawaii has Interstate Highways, but that’s a different post) and as they neared their off-ramp He said, “Hon, you want to call my lab assistant and have her meet us in the parking lot with a dolly so we can move this air conditioner?”

She said,  “Should I tell her to bring Ken or Skipper?  I know you’re not interested in having Barbie try to help.”

He said, “Better send Ken.  I don’t think Skipper is big enough to help.”

She said, “Yeah, but you know if Ken does any lifting, his pants are just gonna fall off.”

He said, “That only upsets you because he’s not anatomically correct.”

She said — “Upsets me?!  How do you think Ken feels about it?” —  at the exact same time Friend, who had obviously been zoned out in the backseat, hesitantly queried, “Are you guys talking about a real person?”

She said, “Mattel thinks he’s real but I don’t think Barbie ever bought it.”

He said, “Yes, dear, but Barbie’s morals — not to mention the rest of her anatomy — is plastic anyway.”  He paused for a moment then added, “Which, come to think of it, probably makes her as real as any other super model.”

She said, “Indeed.”

Friend, from the backseat sighed and said, “Okay.  I’ll think I’ll just go back to not paying attention again.”