Official Announcement

…………Lori Linna
…..Greatest Living Liar
..This certificate recognizes
……….Lori Linna
…..for lies extraodinaire
………and awards her
……….First Place
in QuillDancer’s Liar’s Contest

……..Dr. John Linna
Almost the Greatest Living Liar
..This certificate recognizes
……..Dr. John Linna
as an excellent prevaricator
………and awards him
……….Second Place
in QuillDancer’s Liar’s Contest

…………Donna K.
………Liar in Training
..This certificate recognizes
…………Donna K.
…….for passable lying
… …..and awards her
………..Third Place
in QuillDancer’s Liar’s Contest

QuillDancer’s Honorable Mentions:

My favorite lie came from Sarah, because it was apparent she has been reading my blog for awhile and she tailored her lie to fit right into my real life experiences.

I also fancied these lies:

Goldennib 1 — for the surprise ending; although her second lie was also quite imaginative. I must admit, when I saw how close Lori and Dr. John were, I almost cast one more vote to tie them so Nessa could win third place.

Old Fart — because I am an Ian Flemming fan — and because this lie is as close as I’m ever going to get to being a “Bond Girl.”

Tina’s Lie — because in the eight years I’ve known her, Tina’s sense of the ridiculous has never stopped cracking me up.

Ms. Liz — because, although it wasn’t our first meeting, her story contains a great amount of truth.

Jenn 2 — because she captured my personality to a T.

Oh My Gosh!

Every week Belle of the Brawl has a Tell Me Tuesday picture captioning contest. This week I have made it into the finals. I know your fingers are tired from all the clicking you’ve done here — but run over there and vote for me anyway!

I suppose that some of you may begrudge me this. You are likely thinking, “Why should I vote for her when she’s already won so many cool prizes?” Okay. I know I won the awesome magnet made to look like the header of my own beloved blog in Dr. John’s Blog Commenting Marathon; and I know I won the only money prize in Justin’s Concept of Irony contest (in the tradition of true irony the second place winner is the only one who earned a prize of tangible value); but that does not mean that I don’t deserve to win again — and you my friends can help me.

Go vote!

Oh! And remember, don’t even read the other entries. Mine’s the best. Trust me.

Hmmm, that reminds me of the Liar’s ContestBetty, Lori’s Mother-in-law, has been working her fingers to the bone to see that Lori wins. Donna is abusing herself and a couple of her friends to keep up. We’ll just have to call this battle: The Duel of the Pastor’s Wives. The two of them pretty much have 1st and 2nd place sewn up unless someone makes a surprise — and heroic — comeback. However, 3rd place is still up for grabs.

Nessa, aka Goldennib, has brought it to my attention that certificates and band-aids are not enough compensation for all this clicking. She wants pain killers, too. I am sorry, Nessa. I am not licensed to dispense drugs through the mail — or any other way for that matter.

Competition Escalates

Over 4000 votes were cast Tuesday. Lori and Donna have pulled far in the lead. Two contests still rage. One for first place, one between Sarah and Jenn for third. (But Jenn’s not a third place kind of person so there may be a shake up coming).

When Donna emailed me last night that she was giving up and letting Lori have the win, someone from England (love my sitemeter) picked up Donna’s cause and kept those votes pouring in. That’s probably due to the shamless plug Donna put up on two of her blogs with links to my blog and pleas for help.

With this battle raging on I have to look again at the prizes — certificates validating the greatest liars. Somehow that seems too little for so much clicking. I am thinking that each certificate should include a band aid for the clicking finger. I am sorry, you will have to provide your own wrist braces.

I want to share with you this true story from my childhood on the consequences of over-zealous competition. It is on my Reflections of Childhood blog. Please click and read. And if you want me to toss in a vote for your name, leave a post.

Liars and Cut-throats!

Holy Moley! Would you look at those votes?! My head is spinning.

The Liars contest is still in full swing and a few enterprising folk are campaigning madly for their votes. I am Switzerland. Completely neutral to all political arguements, but wholly open to currency of all kinds ….

My vote can be purchased. Sarah got me to vote for her yesterday by enhancing her lie. Nessa just earned a vote by defending me on another blog. Donna and Lori both bought votes by commenting on my poetry blog. Stop by any of my other blogs and leave a post (see right sidebar at top), it’ll earn you a vote.

But, most of all — have fun!

Lies are here: Prevarications

Poll is on the sidebar.