Eggciting Art

My friend Lisa is a lady of many talents.  Home decor, sewing, cooking, gardening, web-site design, playing Punny Monday … everything she does, she does well.  One of Lisa’s more marveling talents is egg carving.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Egg carving.

Lisa creates art from egg shells.  In a minute I will direct you to her site so you can see for yourself, but first have a look at the design Lisa created just for me.  She said she wanted my egg to reflect my personality, and she had the perfect design in mind.

I don’t know if this egg is mostly angel with a little bit of devil, or mostly devil with a little bit of angel, but I do know that it does, indeed, suit me. Lisa is a very talented smart-alec!  Visit her site, take a good look around, and see if you don’t agree.

Lisa Bolton Arts