Eggciting Art

My friend Lisa is a lady of many talents.  Home decor, sewing, cooking, gardening, web-site design, playing Punny Monday … everything she does, she does well.  One of Lisa’s more marveling talents is egg carving.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Egg carving.

Lisa creates art from egg shells.  In a minute I will direct you to her site so you can see for yourself, but first have a look at the design Lisa created just for me.  She said she wanted my egg to reflect my personality, and she had the perfect design in mind.

I don’t know if this egg is mostly angel with a little bit of devil, or mostly devil with a little bit of angel, but I do know that it does, indeed, suit me. Lisa is a very talented smart-alec!  Visit her site, take a good look around, and see if you don’t agree.

Lisa Bolton Arts

21 thoughts on “Eggciting Art

  1. That is soooooo you! Yep! I love it! At first glance I wasn’t thinking “devilish” – I was just thinking about the fire in your soul! It all applies! 🙂 Now I’m off to see the others…

  2. Again, I agree with Melli, I saw the egg and instantly thought ahhhh yes she got it right……angel with a firey ‘edge’ I will visit her site. xoxoox C

  3. Morgan — long time no see. How’s life?

    Lisa — I do love the egg. Thank you. Oh, and it isn’t terribly fragile. We had a wind storm the other night that blew it off the whatnot shelf. I found it on the floor still looking lovely — as you can see. Perhaps it was the wings that helped it fly?

    Melli — you know that imp in me is a tad playful.

    Caryl — you won”t regret visiting Lisa’s site!

  4. wow. a fallen angel rising like a phoenix from the ashes (not you, quilly – that was my first thought when i saw the egg)… gotta dash to see more of her art…

  5. Ha! No, they aren’t very fragile. A big, fat goose has to be able to sit on that. I’ve had a boy put one of the ornaments on his wrist and swing it around. I thought about doing the same to him, but because the egg was intact, I let him go.

  6. Hay! Cool beans on the eggstrodinary art! (oy, that was a terrible pun with even more terrible spelling…)

    Are you on Twitter? Warren Whitlock is my step brother, remember my post about my poppa? That’s his dad! LOL, small world huh?
    Drop me your Twitter address and I’ll follow you.

  7. Yes, she’s a devil – do -all, that Lisa!! I made a couple of Christmas cards like the ones she featured on her blog last week, but hers look so much better!

  8. I couldn’t remember if I’d posted today or not. Came by earlier and read about the egg and was amazed even though I’d seen her work during something we were doing this summer. Her eggs are beautiful.

  9. Juliana — I like that interpretation. I bet Lisa does, too.

    Lisa — I’d have given him a goose egg right on top of his noggin!

    Rachelle — until you mentioned his name and I Googled him, I had never heard of your step-brother. I use Twitter because my friends do. If you wish to follow me, just click the Twitter link in my blog sidebar. It will take you to me.

    Jientje — I am confused. Lisa, what Christmas cards is she talking about?

    Dr. John — is that your roundabout way of saying I am flighty? Me? I am the most practical, rational, stick in the mud …

    Andrew — if you did, your tummy would be tickled.

    Betty — she has some that are even more incredible.

    Amber — unlike most everybody else, I have noticed that you actually visit the blog of the Punny Monday winner. That is probably why you’d already visited Lisa’s site.

    Bill — you say the nicest things. Thank you.

  10. Indeed Quilly! I was wrong! I really thought it was Lisa from Lisa’s Chaos! She’s also a very crafty lady and everything she does look great also!

  11. I got “open and shut case” faster than any of your previous puzzles. Too bad I was a few days late. =)

    I wanted to congratulate you on catching that draft of a post before I pulled to revise. If you read it again you’ll see I developed the meaning of “awkward age” a little more. I hope I don’t regret it with some readers that I know in real life. =)

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