Monday Mayhem ~ Random Stupid Question Meme

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Monday Mayhem
hosted by Harriet of Harriet and Friends.

I know this is Sunday afternoon;
I just thought I’d start early and get the mayhem out of the way first.

Today’s meme is called:

The Random Stupid Question Meme

1. What do you think would happen if the sun were to rise in the west and set in the east one day?
We would all be dead or dying from whatever cataclysm had precipitated the change. (My mate is a scientist, what can I say?)

2. Are you tired of everyone talking about New Years resolutions when you know darn well they have no chance with them?
Nope. I tell them my resolution (not to make resolutions) and they go away and leave me alone. Of course, they think I’m a pompous ass, but the trade-off is pretty much worth it. 😉

3. What is the most repeated meme question around?
I have just started joining memes so I have yet to learn — ask me again in a month or two. 😉

4. Coke or Pepsi?
Dr. Pepper, actually.

5. What should we do about kids screaming and running around in stores?
Execute whomever brought them to the store and failed to supervise them.

6. Ever write graffiti (messages on walls)? If so what did you write?
When I was a teen my favorite thing to write on bathroom walls was: Please don’t write on the bathroom walls.

7. Is there really a “fat gene” or is that a figment of my excuses imagination?
All my genes are fat.

8. Do you know of anyone or have you been subjected to anyone who thinks they can sing but cannot? What is a good way to get out of letting that person continue to sing in our presence?
For me, all I have to do is sing along with them. They shut up to get me to shut up.

9. Are you happy that the “holidays” are over?
Yes. I want my routine back!

10. What is the best thing about January?
The days start getting longer!

Monday Mayhem ~ Season’s Gripings

Welcome to Monday Mayhem hosted by Harriet of Harriet and Friends.

Today’s meme is called “The annoyances of the season”.

By now many of the happy feelings about the holiday season have turned to annoyances for some of us. Here is your chance to express yourself. Have fun!

1. What annoys you about the holiday music?
Nothing. I subject myself to as little of it as possible to avoid getting annoyed.

2. What annoys you the most about holiday shopping?
People! Why don’t they all just go home and let me shop in peace?! And I feel like that every day of the year, not just Christmas.

3. Tell us about someone you know who is annoying you right now.
In my own little corner in my own little chair ….
I am alone in my office. The only thing annoying me is that I have no witty answer to this question.

4. What is annoying you online this week?
My net provider seems to be using molasses to move my signal. Grrrrrr

5. Is there something that people say or do this time of year that annoys you?
Yeah, if you’re talking to me and expect me to spend my money in your store, you’d best not tell me I can’t say Merry Christmas.

6. What is the most annoying behavior anyone can have this time of year?
Behaviors that annoy me at Christmas will most likely annoy me any time of the year.

7. What is more annoying when you are shopping- screaming kids or people who cut you off in the stores or at the mall?
Thanks for reminding me why I shop on line.

8. What is the one thing that does not annoy you this holiday season?
Actually, right now I am feeling pretty mellow about everything. Getting annoyed uses more energy than I care to expend on trivial matters. Although I did find the automatic assumption that I should be annoyed a bit irritating.